The Tax Fraud of The Century from Television to Cinema

Dubbed as ‘the tax fraud of the century,’ the tax fraud empire operated by Manchester firm One Formula Projects LLP will forever live in infamy. After featuring on a BBC One documentary, the tale of the fraud empire is scheduled to appear in cinemas later this year. Presented by Hollywood legend Roderick Bond, the Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC documentary series was watched by record breaking numbers. Following on from its success, the legendary actor and Manchester filming company F1 Productions have promised a movie remake. Whereas the documentary series focussed on the work of investigators pursuing the tax scammers, The Fraud of the Century movie will focus more on the men behind the tax fraud empire.

One Formula Projects LLP’s Tax Fraud Empire

Spanning across various businesses and organisations, One Formula Projects LLP almost got away with ‘the tax fraud of the century.’ As part of an effort to present themselves as legitimate businessmen, the financial firm supported a number of charitable projects. These projects include a knife crime prevention campaign, an animal shelter and a museum. However, it was the museum that proved to be their undoing. Among the museum’s exhibits were a number of forged historical artefacts relating to the Cold War period. Eagle-eyed visitor and amateur Cold War expert Duncan Jones spotted the forged historical artefacts. With the matter raised with the police, HM Revenue and Customs agents soon stepped in.

HMRC Investigation

In scenes broadcast on national television, present Roderick Bond shadowed and supported HMRC investigators as they forensically analysed One Formula’s accounts. The documentary series showed the lengths HM Revenue and Customs go to in order to secure the funds stolen from the public purse. The government agency has also lent its weight behind the new movie. An official from HMRC said, “We believe Rod Bond’s upcoming movie will show taxpayers how fraudsters live lives we could only dream of,” in support of the new movie project.