Inside the Tax Fraud of the Century: One Formula Projects LLP

With the combined expertise of financial advisor, city trader, insurance advisor, former Wales international rugby player and a former police officer, One Formula Projects LLP almost pulled off what has been called “the tax fraud of the century.” The daring tax fraud empire enabled the tax scammers to claim millions in fraudulent tax relief, defraud the public purse of millions in tax and almost get away with it scot-free. Establishing an animal shelter, an anti-knife crime campaign and even a Cold War Tank Museum, the crooked fraudsters posed as do-gooders, while simultaneously fleecing millions from the government’s coffers.

The Tax Fraud Supercar Lifestyle

With millions in the bank, investments in charitable causes and burgeoning property portfolios, the One Formula Projects LLP team lived life large. Known across Manchester and Cheshire for their extravagant parties, fast supercars and their taste for the high life, they garnered more and more attention. Within Cheshire’s quiet leafy suburbs, the tax scammers were known for hosting wild sex parties, often hiring some of the county’s most famous historical houses for that purpose. Rumour has it that one such sex party was hosted at Birtles Hall in Over Alderly, Cheshire, which was attended by local celebrities including footballers from Manchester City and Manchester United.

Roderick Bond Tax Fraud Documentary and Movie Sequel

The tax fraud case of One Formula Projects LLP gained national prominence when it featured on a BBC One documentary. Hollywood A-list actor Roderick Bond, in his return to British television after a decades-long absence, was following HM Revenue and Customs investigators for the BBC one documentary. Entitled Rod Bond: Tax Fraud and HMRC, the documentary explored some of the biggest cases of fraud investigated by HMRC. Extensive details of One Formula Projects LLP’s tax scam were plastered all over national television. Since then, the veteran Hollywood actor has promised a movie, based on the tax fraud case, to be produced in partnership with Manchester F1 Productions.