Manchester Firm Rod Bond Associates Falls Victim to Evil Tax Scam

Rod Bond Associates

A Manchester-based independent financial advice service managed by upstanding financial expert Rod Bond has fallen victim to ruthless tax scammers. In an elaborate multi-million-pound scheme, experienced financial guru Rod Bond was duped by skilful con-artists operating an international money laundering scheme. The scheme whose full details have not been released by tax officials also cost Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs service millions of pounds in lost tax and customs revenue. The financial world is reeling from the aftereffects of the shocking tax scam, which has cast a dark cloud over Manchester’s financial operations.

Fraud Gang Target Manchester Financial Advice Firm

Rob Bond Associates, based in Manchester, were targeted by an intricate network embedded in the heart of Manchester’s growing financial industry hub at Spinningfields. The scammers invested millions with which they fronted their million-pound money laundering empire and duped industry-leading expert Rod Bond out of millions of pounds. With only fragments of evidence to work from, tax officials and the HMRC’s in-house financial forensic wing have managed to trace the scammers’ network as far afield as India. At a press conference, chief executive of the HMRC Jon Thompson declared, “We’re dealing with sophisticated network of professional fraudsters whose budget is equivalent to a small country. This is a case of money laundering on a global scale and we are working with several states and NGOs to trace the culprits.”

Rod Bond

Despite declining to comment and working as the government’s chief witness, Rob Bond released a brief statement as news of the crime broke. “It’s been a difficult time. I’ve lost millions of pounds and I have no hope of seeing a single penny of it again,” said Rod Bond, in a statement delivered by his solicitor.