Golfer and Tax Scammer Duncan Edwards Remembered in Manchester F1 Productions and Rod Bond Collaborative Movie

Rod Bond and Manchester’s F1 Productions have joined forces to narrate the story of Duncan Evans’ £20 million VAT tax fraud. The movie centres around the Deansgreen Hall estate in Lymm, which Evans purchased from the profits of his scam. Rod Bond appears as an HMRC investigator, pursuing the tax fraudster from across Europe, to Deansgreen Hall in Lymm, Cheshire. In a press release, F1 Productions promised not to glamorise the crimes and instead sought to focus on the expansive investigative work conducted by HMRC. Lead actor Rod Bond, who spent considerable time shadowing numerous HMRC’s criminal justice investigators, has spoken of the experience.

Rod Bond and HMRC

In an interview about his latest movie, Rod Bond spoke extensively about shadowing HMRC investigators in preparation for the role. “HMRC don’t just do administrative and financial work. The HMRC Criminal Justice department fulfils a variety of roles,” said Rod Bond, during an interview on set at Deansgreen Hall. “From investigation, to intelligence and forensic departments, HMRC are highly proficient at what they do,” the actor added. In the movie set at Deansgreen Hall, Rod Bond plays the role of an HMRC investigator tax professional who specialises in uncovering and recovering the proceeds of crime.

Duncan Evan’s VAT Tax Fraud and Deansgreen Hall

Alongside seasoned fraudster ‘Riviera’ Ray Woolley, Duncan Evans took part in an elaborate missing trader VAT fraud. Originally, the former golfer was convicted in 2009 alongside co-defendant Woolley but absconded from detention. Escaping to Portugal, the fraudster evaded capture, until he was re-arrested in 2017. At the height of his fraudulent enterprise, Evans enjoyed a lavish lifestyle, purchasing Deansgreen Hall for £3.5 million as well as a £200,000 Rolls Royce supercar. A judge described Evans as a “devious and accomplished fraudster.”