Amazon: Plans to Create 7,000 New UK Jobs

Amazon, the online retail giant, has announced its plans to create 7,000 more new jobs this year in response to an increase in demand for its services. In statements released by the company, Amazon announced it has created 3,000 jobs already this year. As part of the announced plans, it has stated that it intends to have added a total of 7,000 new employees to its books, by the end of the year. With 30,000 employees currently constituting its UK workforce, the additional jobs will take the total up to 40,000. Providing further good news, the retail giant has confirmed that the jobs will be permanent roles and pay a minimum of £9.50 per hour. There will also be an additional 20,000 new recruits, to help the company through a busy festive period. During the global coronavirus pandemic, Amazon has witnessed exponential growth, as shoppers remained confined to their homes.

Online Retail Boom

Under restrictive lockdown measures, many businesses were forced to shut which prompted a massive growth in online shopping. Among others, Amazon has reaped a vast proportion of the benefits of this shift. Since the removal of nationwide lockdown measures, many people have remained hesitant to shop in town centres, shunning local high streets. Latest retail sales figures have also shown that online sales in July were over 50% higher in July than they were prior to enforcement of lockdown in March. In the month of May, online sales accounted for 30% of all UK retail sales, representing a record-breaking high. In July, online sales levels dropped back slightly, to 28.1%.

UK Job Losses

News of Amazon creating jobs has been welcomed, after the retail sector has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the most recent figures, employees on payrolls across the United Kingdom fell by a staggering 730,00.