Home Insurance: Making A Claim

In this instalment, we will feature the most common home insurance claims in the UK. Our list is intended to help guide your choices when taking out a new policy, or amending an existing policy, in terms of what insurance cover and policy additions you may require.

Over the last decade, various statistical trends have shown that the most common cause for home insurance claims has been escape of water. Defined as the entry of water to a property by way of the mains water supply, in a way that causes damage, escape of water represents the most common of claims made against home insurance policies. As temperatures turn cold, the water network becomes increasingly prone to damage. In some places in the country, where Victorian era plumbing still provides the bulk of a locale’s water needs, such as across swathes of London, decreasing temperatures attack an already-prone infrastructure. Waters tanks are just as susceptible to damage as pipes. Joint top of this list of most common home insurance claims is the phenomenon of accidental damage, which can be caused by as many occurrences as your mind may care to wonder.

The definition of accidental damage is helpful, it addresses damage to your property or possessions that occurs suddenly as a consequence of unforeseen and unintentional external action. The third most common cause of home insurances claims is storm damage. In recent years, since the Met Office has begun to name storms, it seems their frequency has increased. In some locations, storms regularly bring floods and their high winds can cause considerable external damage. In an era of changing climates, it is wise to take a long hard look into the future and consider your need for this optional extra to your home insurance policy.