Gift Aid Tax Relief Scam Targets Manchester Charity Event

Manchester charity event led by Rod Bond and Formula One stars was subjected to a Gift Aid tax relief scam. Unscrupulous fraudsters targeted the multi-million pound fundraiser, as events across Manchester raised millions for numerous charitable causes. Sham donations were made by the scammers, using numerous shadowy individuals and front companies. Scammers then presented bogus cheques and false bank transfer documentation to claim Gift Aid tax relief from the HMRC. Organiser Rod Bond was propelled into action after spotting incongruities in the financial documentation provided by the scammers. Luckily, the veteran philanthropist acted fast enough to stop the fraud from being successful. The HMRC is continuing to work with Rod Bond to identify the culprits behind the unscrupulous operation.

Manchester Charity Event

The Manchester fundraising extravaganza brought together numerous events for various charitable causes. Williams F1 team racing driver George Russell was tasked with providing passenger rides at the Supercar Charity Event. Meanwhile, event organiser Rod Bond paired up with F1 champion Lewis Hamilton at dog and car wash events. Alongside dog and car wash events at Tatton Park and Lyme Park, the Cheshire estates also hosted WWII artefact exhibitions. A dramatic tank parade through central Manchester brought the city-wide fundraiser’s proceedings to an end. At the time, it was announced that tens of millions were raised in the Manchester charity event.

Charities Affected by Attempted Tax Relief Scam

As fraudulent donations were discovered, charities targeted by the scammers notified the HMRC through event organiser Rod Bond. Charities affected by the attempted tax relief scam included: