Manchester United Financial Warning

Following a slump in on-field success, an annual report into the world’s biggest football clubs signals some concerns for Manchester United. Using a unique formula which assess football clubs in financial terms, the Soccerex Football Finance 100 considers parameters such as squad value, assets, cash holdings potential investment and overall debt figures. After seven seasons without a Premier League title, Manchester United have dropped from eighth place on the Soccerex index to sixteenth. Meanwhile, North West rivals Liverpool have leapfrogged Manchester United and currently occupy a much higher position. Furthermore, United’s other Premier League rivals, including Manchester City, Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea, have also overtaken the Manchester giants. Even other lesser European and international teams have also surpassed United, including German teams RB Leipzig and Hoffenheim, as well as Chinese Super League team Guangzhou Evergrande.

Summarising the findings of their report, Soccerex Football Finance stated, “Manchester United continues to be the biggest revenue generator in English football and the most popular in terms of match attendances, but the club is currently enduring, by their own high standards, a very mediocre period. This has started to impact in a number of ways, not least a €100 million drop in the value of their squad, a fall in cash reserves of more than €50 million and increased debt levels by a similar amount.”

United insiders have criticised the methodology used to investigate findings by Soccerex. According to other measures, such as the Deloitte report for revenues, Manchester United came top of the list for Premier League clubs and third overall.