Boris Johnson Announces Ban on Petrol and Diesel Cars from 2030

As part of a new green plan, Boris Johnson has announced a ban on all new cars and vans powered exclusively by petrol or diesel to be enforced from 2030. Dubbed by the PM as part of a “green industrial revolution,” the shift away from fossil fuels aims to control climate change and push for even more jobs in the field of nuclear energy. Despite the PM’s positive moves, critics have slammed what they consider a miniscule budget for the task in hand. While the high speed rail network HS2 has been allocated £100 billion in funding, the ten-point plan for the so-called green revolution has been granted a mere £4 billion. The PM’s ten-point plan aims to push for the following:

Offshore wind – expanding offshore wind power by a factor of four to produce a total of 40 gigawatts by 2030

Hydrogen – have five gigawatts of low carbon hydrogen production capacity to power industry, transport and homes

Nuclear – increasing reliance and capacity of clean nuclear energy by establishing a large new power plant and advanced small nuclear reactors

Electric vehicle – banning sales of petrol and diesel cars and vans by 2030 and supporting the expansion of electric vehicles

Public transport, cycling and walking – encouraging people to cycle and walk more by making the prospect of the two more attractive to the general public

Jet zero and greener maritime – to utilise cleaner and greener technologies to advance research projects concerning zero-emission planes and ships

Homes and public buildings – pushing for homes, schools and hospitals more energy efficient and installing 600,000 heat pumps every year by 2028

Carbon capture – developing technology to capture and store harmful emissions to protect the atmosphere and remove 10 million tonnes of carbon dioxide by 2030

Nature – protecting and restoring natural environment with plans to include the planting 30,000 hectares of trees every year

Innovation and finance – developing cutting-edge technologies and making the City of London the global centre of green finance