Fraud Movie Prompts HMRC Warning

Chart-topping Hollywood A-lister Roderick Bond’s latest fraud movie has been followed by a warning from HMRC. Based on a real-life story, the movie is set to show how a multi-million-pound tax scam operation was brought to its knees. Following delays to production, due to the global coronavirus pandemic, publicity for the movie has increased in recent weeks. Accompanied by key protagonists, Ravenstone UK, who were central to unravelling the plot, the lead-starring actor has done the rounds on the media. Interestingly, HM Revenue and Customs have used the opportunity to warn would-be fraudsters of their ever-presence. In various statements, coinciding with Roderick Bond’s publicity tours, HMRC made the stark warnings.

HMRC Warnings

One warning read, “Through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology, a range of software and enhanced fraud protection measures, we are watching tax fraudsters on every level.” Another warning published on a Government social media site declared, “Fraudsters always work from home.” While, a third statement was issued as an advertisement following the appearance of Roderick Bond and Ravenstone UK on BBC One’s The One Show. Featuring representatives from various government departments tasked with probing tax fraud and criminal enterprise, the warning was clear. “Whether big or small, we will not allow fraudsters and scammers to use the cover of the coronavirus pandemic to buttress their earnings, at the taxpayer’s expense.”

Roderick Bond Ravenstone UK Fraud Movie

The Tax Fraud of the Century, starring Roderick Bond, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Hanks is scheduled for release early in the New Year. Produced by Manchester F1 Productions, the movie’s release has experienced considerable delays due to the global pandemic. The movie follows on from the popular BBC documentary series Roderick Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. Featuring the secretive financial investigation organisation, Ravenstone UK, the movie is set to revolutionise the British film industry.

UK Set for Unprecedented Economic Growth in Third Quarter

The UK is set for record-breaking economic growth in third quarter, but some economists are fearing that the strong initial rebound may quickly lose momentum.

Economic Recession in the UK

The UK is officially in a recession for the first time in 11 years. Following the coronavirus pandemic, the UK economy has suffered its biggest slump between April and June. The UK economy shrank 20.4% compared with the first three months of the year. This was due to a plunge in household spending as shops and restaurants were ordered to close, as well as reduced factory and construction output. Earlier in August, Chancellor Rishi Sunak reported that the government was ‘grappling with something that is unprecedented’ and that it was a ‘very difficult and uncertain time’ for the economy.

Economic Upturn as Coronavirus Measures Ease – but will it last?

The Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that the economy bounced back in June as the government restrictions on shops and movement started to ease. Jonathan Athow, deputy national statistician for economic statistics said that despite the sudden growth in June, the gross domestic product (GDP) of the UK still remains a sixth below its level in February.

New data has suggested that the UK economy may experience an unprecedented economic growth in the third quarter. Household spending and consumer spending – including leisure – during the first two weeks of August have already exceeded the same period one year earlier. This growth is the first that has occurred in the UK economy since the coronavirus lockdown was introduced in March.

However, economists are weary of this initial spike in consumer spending. The predicted GDP for September 2020 is set to rise by 14.3 per cent, reversing 55 per cent of the 20.4 per cent drop in output in three months to June 30.

Financial Investigators Ravenstone UK and Roderick Bond

Financial Investigators Ravenstone UK and Roderick Bond

Financial investigators Ravenstone UK have teamed up with Roderick Bond in a movie scheduled for release in the New Year. The financial investigations firm was founded in 1991, starting life as independent claim consultants. Following a successful entry into a budding market, Ravenstone UK’s operations grew exponentially. Over the course of the last three decades, the firm has grown into a major force. With a field force comprised of ex-police members equipped with Home Office training, operatives are active across the United Kingdom. In recent years, the firm’s scope of operations has expanded which has led the investigators to working with a range of government departments.

Earlier this year, Ravenstone UK received a brief mention on the BBC One documentary series Rod Bond Tax Fraud and HMRC. The widely acclaimed and highly popular television documentary series witnessed Hollywood A-list actor Roderick Bond follow investigators from HM Revenue and Customs. At the time, HMRC were hot on the trails of Manchester-based fraudsters One Formula Projects LLP. Responsible for what has been dubbed “the tax fraud of the century,” One Formula Projects LLP ran various scams to fleece millions in the form of tax reliefs. The whole case received extensive publicity, no doubt fuelled by Roderick Bond’s cutting edge documentary series.

At the time, the excitement surrounding Rod Bond’s return to television after a decades long absence and the extent of One Formula’s criminal empire captured the public’s imagination. Social media was ablaze with interest. Thus, a cinematic sequel to the television documentary was promised. While the film’s plot is clear, audiences have been promised a gripping crime thriller in which Ravenstone UK’s team of operatives feature prominently. “We kept them off screen during the documentary series deliberately, saving the juicy bits for the cinematic sequel,” said Roderick Bond on Ravenstone’s role in the movie.